Prime Time

wohooo...finally my midtest is over ( for a moment i guess), and it's time for me to slow down my brain (hell yeah). I have a hard time and i cannot wait to see the result ( i bet they will be disappointing).

well, let's not talk about the midtest. I'm freaking happy to hear that my cousin will come this weekend, and she is right here right now. our first list is "Having prime time together" on this weekend.

i picked her up after AR midtest (which is my class get the second place, not bad actually, we already do our best). we have planned a lot of things for Saturday and we are so excited about them.

so, here's the timeline:
08.00 AM:
she woke up and made me breakfast with coffee ( i never eat breakfast before). then, we ate our breakfast while watching UGLY BETTY.

09.00 AM- 01.00 PM:
cleaning up the apartment together (we are a dream team, bahaa.)

02.00 PM:
having lunch in UNPAR's foodcourt. I left my ella right there, damn it.

03.55 PM:
watch "The Eye" in Ciwalk. jessica alba has a role in this film. This one is a good one. worth a watch.

06.00 PM-09.ooPM:
went to PVJ, buy a same ella (still makes me feel stupid), shopping in Gramedia, having coffee in Starbucks.

I have a prime time, for real.

hope it will come regularly. hah.

catch you later,



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