Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eargasm: "Catch Me" by DBSK/TVXQ

Yes, i don't even care that the song just come out yesterday or early this morning, but i've been hearing this song repeatedly.

Excuse me for being an ex-dancer (couldn't do it anymore since i hurt my leg badly), but truthfully i fall in love with this song because of the choreograph. it's just CRAZY! makes me want to play the MV again and again. no wonder they are called as GODS OF KPOP.

So just check out the MV if you are interested, or like Kpop, or just have nothing interesting to watch. LOL. Worth a watch.

Tell me if what you think about the song below, or what song is your favorite one right now below.

till the next post. Teehee

             with love,
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Review: Tea Tree Series - The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Woots woots...

Hello guys, i think it's been a while since my last real post. I'm totally busy with my "last week" in my current workplace. i'll move out by the end of this week. and i'm quite sad leaving all those people that i really bonded to. :(

so i want to continue about my Tea Tree Series, and the product that i will review is "The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Joined a giveaway!

hello guys, how are you guys doing? :D

so i joined another giveaway and i want to share it with all of you guys. :)

The prizes are great right? this is from one of my favorite beauty blogger, Becky. you can joined the giveaway in here. follow her too if you like her blog as i am. 

another one is from the Sandra. You can joined the giveaway in here

The giveaway is to celebrate that she got 2000 followers. that was a big number.  

so, joined their giveaways and i hope that i can win. 

good luck for all of us. Teehee

               with love,
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: TEA TREE SERIES "The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion"

Being born with acne prone and oily skin made my life just...complicated. :(

i couldn't use anything i want (skincare wise) because it will breakout my skin even more. that's why i stick to skincare products made from tea tree. somehow, tea tree works well with acne prone and oily skin because it will kill bacteria and germs?? i don't know, that's just what i have heard.

so from now on, i will make 'TEA TREE SERIES" review, mainly talking about my skincare products that are made from tea tree to break me free from my acnes and oily skin .

Eargasm: "Dancing on my own" by Pixie Lott feat GD and T.O.P

Wow, i've been liking so many songs this month. so i just really want to share it out for you. :D

and finally today's Eargasm wasn't from Kpop genre, but still feat Kpop artist  which is GD (G-dragon) and T.O.P from Bigbang. but i guess their doing this duet with Pixie Lott while they were doing their subgroup GD&TOP.

Pixie Lott's voice and the raps from GD and T.O.P suited really well. really matched the Fall feeling.

so check out their song below. what's your favorite music for Fall season?

see ya on next post. Teehee.

            With love,
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BBU Blog Hop

As you guys now it, i'm such a newbie on blogging and i really want to get to know with other bloggers and find new friends. that's why i joined another blog hop

you guys can join it too and find some new friends. good luck! Teehee

              with love,

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I joined a giveaway: Rimalma's!

I do this post for a giveaway from fellow beauty blogger from my country, Indonesia.

Great prizes eh? I really want to win this one. *finger crossed

so actually today is the deadline date for the giveaway. hahaha. i just realized it, i thought the deadline will be around October.

So i'm supposed to make a post about her blog and these are my honest thought about it:
1. i really like the fact that she used makeup from many brands, like from US, Korea, and Japan. it gives me insight about brands from each country, some other blogs only post about US brands only, Korea brands only, and so on.

2. her blog uses Bahasa (Indonesian language). it's not that i don't like it, but i prefer if she uses english. well, i know she is Indonesian, and there is nothing wrong about using Bahasa, but in my opinion  it will better for her too use english so that international bloggers can read her blog too and give feedbacks. i really love how other fellow bloggers, both from indonesia and other countries give feedback to me about what i post, so i can improve myself. i also want Rimalma has this experience too. :D

3. Well, she uses many jokes on her blog. i do think in some parts, the jokes are really funny, but at the other parts, i don't really get it. i don't know whether it's me who has a slow brain, or i just don't follow the jokes trend anymore. haha.

4. on her reviews, i kinda lost because she used paragraphs. i prefer to read the reviews (good and bad points, or why i need to buy it) on points. then, when i want to buy the same product, i can go back to her blog to read it again, it will be easier to find about the pros and cons about the product.

That's all about my honest opinions about her blog. Oh, if Rimalma reads this, i want to say, "Hello, nice to know you. gue tau istilah racun meracun bener-bener baru dari blog lo. hahahaha. fix gue yang ketinggalan dr trend zaman sekarang"


           With love,
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Let's Go Project 10 Pan!

Hello guys. how's life? should be amazing i hope. :D

so anyway, i heard about the Project 10 Pan from other bloggers and it's totally interesting to do.

Basically Project 10 Pan is about not buying makeup until 10 products of your chosen makeup (that you've already had) is totally run out (you can see the pan).
wow, i really need this project to help me out on keeping my hands off from buying makeup products that i'm not urgently need.

I love makeup, but right now, I'm not a person who have that much makeup like other people who love makeup too. I just have a little bit more than enough. all my makeup can be fitted into one container. not that much, right? haha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eargasm: The Chaser by Infinite

Hello. it's Eargasm again.

I'm checking out my iTunes, and yes this song was the most played song right after That XX by G-dragon. It's still Kpop though. oh okay, i admit i listen to Kpop like a lot since ages ago. Even before Kpop is this big (around 5 years ago).

In this Eargasm post, i really recommend you guys to listen to The Chaser by Infinite. A group from South Korea and their songs are really good, not that typical Kpop.

It talks about a girl who wants to breakup with her boyfriend(in this case, Infinite) and go out with other guy. Infinite just cooly accept it as they said that they will chase the girl again anyway. that's why the song called The Chaser.

It's an upbeat song, and i do recommend this to people who loves upbeat songs, especially people who likes to dance like me. The choreograph really enhances the song.

so just check out the MV below, and enjoy the music. Teehee

             with love,
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

REVIEW: Urban Decay NAKED VS NYX nude on nude

how are you guys doing? hope you guys having a great one, cause mine is bad. :(

now now, forget about the bad day. maybe if you have read my previous post, i've already told you guys that i'll make a review of my newest palette, NAKED palette by Urban Decay.

Then think again, instead of only reviewing only this one, why don't I compare it with my first palette ever, NYX nude on nude. it will be more interesting to have these two in a war. LOL

Monday, September 10, 2012


After all those long waiting, finally i got my hands on NAKED PALETTE. yeah!

I've been waiting this lovely palette for almost a month with struggling with tight budget along past month because i'm buying this. and just couple hours ago, i asked for million times to the house guard of my dorm whether there is a package for or not, and finally he said YES! THERE IS! hahaha.

Urban Decay NAKED palette with primer potion

soon, i'll review it if i got time and already try it out. SO EXCITED!

anyway, i just change my blog template. a little bit cutesy i guess. i think i will find another template that suits me best. i'm not really fond into cutesy things. LOL

so see you guys soon. teehee.

              with love,
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I joined a giveaway

There is this giveaway that i joined, and the prize is Sigma travel kit! yeay!!!!!

awesome. i hope i can win. you guys can joined it too. good luck for all of us.

                  with love,

Just found a BEAUTY BLOG HOP

since i'm a new blogger, and mainly i will make posts about beauty, fashion, etc, i think it will be fun if i can find another beauty bloggers that have the same interests with.

so i found this beauty blog hop (you can check it out HERE, and having fun surfing others beauty blogs.

check out and find other friends there. teehee.

                  with love,

REVIEW: E.L.F 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 edition

hello, how are you guys doing? i hope you guys are doing good.

Today i'm in the mood of making a review post. this is the first review post ever. yeay! so excited.

i'm choosing the E.L.F. 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 limited edition. i got this from August (it's too late, it's already summer, but i don't care. haha).

so here we go...

E.LF 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 limited edition

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To: clean your face daily

wow, i'm really in the mood of writing. hahaha.

now, i really want to share how i clean my face everyday (while taking shower) and this is not how people MUST clean their faces, this is just how i do it, and i just wanna share it because at some points, i think it's helpful. though, i got some steps from here and there, opinions from other people (such as doctor), etc. 
so here we go...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monthly Favorites: August Edition

Since now, i will start a post under label Monthly Favorites. so this post will remind me why i love those things from the monthly favorites. yeay!

let's start it....

Eargasm: That XX by G-dragon

I have nothing to do at the office and I decided to make another post today. hahahaha.

I make a new post category, which is Eargasm (kind of controversial name, isn't it? hahaha) that mainly will introduce my current favorite song that I played through all the day with my laptop and smartphone. of course, i really recommend you guys to hear it too because the song will be...fantastic? hahaha.

 It will range from any kind of genre, and today i pick my current most favorite song which is Kpop (this genre is widely known all around the world right now).

I picked G-dragon's latest solo song, "That XX".

Check out the MV below:

His voice and the guitar suits really well.
Basically the song tells about how G-dragon really hate the boyfriend of the girl that he likes and tries to tell the girl that her boyfriend is not worth to have her (because the boyfriends cheats on her and always made her cried) and the girl should have just choose him instead. Such a one sided love but not that "it's okay that i don't have you, as long as you happy" stupid love. You should've fight for your love, right? Way to go, GD!

You will also like to hear this song covered by Jung Sungha, genius guitarist from South Korea. He covered this song, and I'M TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE with his cover.
Check out his cover below:

Hear them out. they are amazing. See ya on my next post. Chao

               with love,

August' Haul

August finally ended and welcome September! yeay. So i will end my OJT (On Job Trainee) on my current place at the end of this month. I'm excited and yet sad because i really like the people here. they are just like a family to me. Awww.
Move on, so this is my August's haul about makeup and skincare. I'll make a review about each of them soon.
here we go...
August's haul
August's haul
1. e.l.f 100 eyeshadow colors palette spring color limited edition
2. "no brand" 120 eyeshadow colors palette (used basically for coastal scent)
3. "no brand" 88 eyeshadow warm colors palette (used basically for coastal scent)
4. Tony Moly "baby doll bb powder" in shade #2
5. Faceshop "face it extreme bold pen liner"
6. Etude House "wonder pore brush"
7. Etude House "proof 10 eye primer"
8. Revlon lip color in shade peach
9. Skinfood "sweet potato chiffon cake powder" in shade #23
10. Holika Holika "make up starter"
11. Etude House "brush shower cleaner"
12. Etude House "touch touch shadow liner" in shade vanilla
13. Innisfree "jeju volcanic pore clay mask"
14. Revlon "new complexion 2 way foundation" in shade honey beige
15. Innisfree "sun pack" powder
16. Skinfood "tea tree toner"
17. Revlon "shine control lotion"
18. Skinfood "mushroom multi care bb cream"
19. Baviphat "under my skin goodbye sebum primer"
20. Clean&clear "essential oil-control toner"
21. Clean&clear "essential moisturizer"
22. Clean&clear "clear fairness moisturizer"
23. Masami shouko brush "HD blush"
24. Masami shouko brush "lid/contour"
25. Body shop "vitamin e eye cream"
There are some things that are not included in the photo:
26. Skinfood "rice concealer"
27. e.l.f. "mineral eye primer"
28. Clean&clear "active care acne clearing cleanser

Soon I'll make a post about my August's favorites and also reviewing about them. so, see you soon. chao

PS: how long does it take for a skin care product to show result? I'm always changing skincare products every time i run out of the product since it didn't show any results to my face. usually i run out of my skincare products every month. And i have a really bad skin condition ( acne, big pores, oily skin), what kind of skin care product that suits my skin condition. especially to heal the acnes? please comment below, i need help!

              with love,