3 years later...and hello

It's been 3 years since my last post!!! it's crazy. hahaha. i remembered that i made this blog because of the craze of blogs on internet. hahaha.

so it's been 3 years, and i am not a college student anymore. i'm becoming A CORPORATE SLAVE!!!! hahahaha. oh gosh....

For now, i think i will fill this blog with random things that i do or buy or...i don't know.

To start off, I will dedicated post with label "Book of The Month" or you may call it B.O.T.H. sounds familiar. hahaha. This month (August), I will try to read a novel by Gretchen Rubin called "THE HAPPINESS PROJECT".
This is #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER and I hope I will enjoy this book. Here's some reviews about the book (taken from the cover of this book).

"A friendly, approachable, and compulsively readable narrative that will not only make you want to start your own Happiness Project, but will also make you want to invite Rubin out for a cup of coffee and a cruller."
San Diego Union-Tribune

that sounds like this book is a book that can make you happy?? i'm not sure, but perhaps through this book i can find my own happiness. *fingers crossed

oh by the way, i borrow this book from my dearest cousin (referred to my 3 years ago post) and i promised my self to finish this book within this week. I'll make a review on the book soon. so see you guys later.

                  with love,


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