Eargasm: "Catch Me" by DBSK/TVXQ

Yes, i don't even care that the song just come out yesterday or early this morning, but i've been hearing this song repeatedly.

Excuse me for being an ex-dancer (couldn't do it anymore since i hurt my leg badly), but truthfully i fall in love with this song because of the choreograph. it's just CRAZY! makes me want to play the MV again and again. no wonder they are called as GODS OF KPOP.

So just check out the MV if you are interested, or like Kpop, or just have nothing interesting to watch. LOL. Worth a watch.

Tell me if what you think about the song below, or what song is your favorite one right now below.

till the next post. Teehee

             with love,
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  1. I loved the dance they did with everyone connecting together. :) I've been lisyening to nothing but this and UKISS's Stop Girl since yesterday!

    1. the hand effect just crazy. lol.

      i do love stop girl. ukiss needs more acknowledgement though. they just got better and better. :D

  2. intense dance and i am not even surprised!! my favorite part's the "extended hands" choreo!!! :)


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