Eargasm: The Chaser by Infinite

Hello. it's Eargasm again.

I'm checking out my iTunes, and yes this song was the most played song right after That XX by G-dragon. It's still Kpop though. oh okay, i admit i listen to Kpop like a lot since ages ago. Even before Kpop is this big (around 5 years ago).

In this Eargasm post, i really recommend you guys to listen to The Chaser by Infinite. A group from South Korea and their songs are really good, not that typical Kpop.

It talks about a girl who wants to breakup with her boyfriend(in this case, Infinite) and go out with other guy. Infinite just cooly accept it as they said that they will chase the girl again anyway. that's why the song called The Chaser.

It's an upbeat song, and i do recommend this to people who loves upbeat songs, especially people who likes to dance like me. The choreograph really enhances the song.

so just check out the MV below, and enjoy the music. Teehee

             with love,
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  1. love love love Infinite <3 i believe they're gonna be the next best thing out of all the young ones right now!

    i'm L and Hoya-biased hihi

  2. One of my fave Infinite songs. :D It's so catchy and I love the whole 80s feel they always have!

  3. Beautiful!
    Great blog :)

    -follow each ?


  4. I love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? I'm following you now on GFC :)

  5. I really LOVE that song <3 I think it's one of Infinite's best :3
    Great that you like Kpop too :) I've been a fan since 2008 :D
    Thank you for your comment at my blog and following :D Of course I follow you back!

    ~~ Nice to know: Once my blog reaches 100 followers (I have 74 followers now) I'll host a give-away!! So stay tuned to Donna Donna for that :D



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