I joined a giveaway: Rimalma's!

I do this post for a giveaway from fellow beauty blogger from my country, Indonesia.

Great prizes eh? I really want to win this one. *finger crossed

so actually today is the deadline date for the giveaway. hahaha. i just realized it, i thought the deadline will be around October.

So i'm supposed to make a post about her blog and these are my honest thought about it:
1. i really like the fact that she used makeup from many brands, like from US, Korea, and Japan. it gives me insight about brands from each country, some other blogs only post about US brands only, Korea brands only, and so on.

2. her blog uses Bahasa (Indonesian language). it's not that i don't like it, but i prefer if she uses english. well, i know she is Indonesian, and there is nothing wrong about using Bahasa, but in my opinion  it will better for her too use english so that international bloggers can read her blog too and give feedbacks. i really love how other fellow bloggers, both from indonesia and other countries give feedback to me about what i post, so i can improve myself. i also want Rimalma has this experience too. :D

3. Well, she uses many jokes on her blog. i do think in some parts, the jokes are really funny, but at the other parts, i don't really get it. i don't know whether it's me who has a slow brain, or i just don't follow the jokes trend anymore. haha.

4. on her reviews, i kinda lost because she used paragraphs. i prefer to read the reviews (good and bad points, or why i need to buy it) on points. then, when i want to buy the same product, i can go back to her blog to read it again, it will be easier to find about the pros and cons about the product.

That's all about my honest opinions about her blog. Oh, if Rimalma reads this, i want to say, "Hello, nice to know you. gue tau istilah racun meracun bener-bener baru dari blog lo. hahahaha. fix gue yang ketinggalan dr trend zaman sekarang"


           With love,
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