Joined a giveaway!

hello guys, how are you guys doing? :D

so i joined another giveaway and i want to share it with all of you guys. :)

The prizes are great right? this is from one of my favorite beauty blogger, Becky. you can joined the giveaway in here. follow her too if you like her blog as i am. 

another one is from the Sandra. You can joined the giveaway in here

The giveaway is to celebrate that she got 2000 followers. that was a big number.  

so, joined their giveaways and i hope that i can win. 

good luck for all of us. Teehee

               with love,
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  1. Hello! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out the link to see my post about it :D


  2. Ooh, cool giveaway! I want the Barry M! :) Thanks for following, I followed back!

  3. hi Priska! i give u an award!

    check here:


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