Let's Go Project 10 Pan!

Hello guys. how's life? should be amazing i hope. :D

so anyway, i heard about the Project 10 Pan from other bloggers and it's totally interesting to do.

Basically Project 10 Pan is about not buying makeup until 10 products of your chosen makeup (that you've already had) is totally run out (you can see the pan).
wow, i really need this project to help me out on keeping my hands off from buying makeup products that i'm not urgently need.

I love makeup, but right now, I'm not a person who have that much makeup like other people who love makeup too. I just have a little bit more than enough. all my makeup can be fitted into one container. not that much, right? haha.

but i think what i have now is already already too much for me. i think i need to stop buying things that i don't  really need for now (makeup wise).
it's actually helping me out on saving money too (kill two birds with one stone). maybe someday with that money, i can buy something else that i really need. hehe.

so, here is the rules for MY Project 10 Pan:
1.Used 10 makeup products that I've already had until i really run out of the product.
2. the makeup products basically will be the products that are used for daily makeup.
3. i cannot buy any kind of makeup until i can finish all of the 10 products.
4. makeup given as a present is okay.
5. if there is one or more of the products are already finish, i can change the product, but still from my collection (cannot buy the new one).
6. skin care products are allowed to be bought, but i have to finished the previous one.
7. the projects has no time limit. it will be end if i finished all the products.

i choose all this makeup for the Project 10 Pan. basically this is what i wear everyday.

1. Faceshop, Face it designing blusher no.2 blending coral
2. Maybelline watershine pure lipstick no P12 (actually, i just bought it today. Lol.)
3. Faceshop clean face BB cream
4. ACNES UV tint
5. Holika holika color change lip balm no.2
6. Maybelline hyper sharp eyeliner
7. The Body Shop concealer no.3
8. Revlon Color Stay Aqua Mineral Makeup in light medium
9. Revlon 2 way complexion in honey beige
10. The Body Shop cocoa butter lip care stick

Finally, i hope that i can accomplish and beat this challenge. i will make post update about this project regularly or if any of these products are finished.

What do you think of this project? will you join it?

see you guys later. teehee

                  with love,


  1. I have heard about this and always think I really need to do this, to stop buying new things and use up what I already have!

    Sita xx

  2. I love this! I should try this, soon. I don't wear a lot of make up but I'm constantly buying more.

  3. @ Sita: i'm totally agree with you. i need to stop buying things. :(

    @Nikki: I also not wear that much makeup. just basic things. but i'm always buy more and more but not using them. bad habit.

  4. aduh pas banget yaaa... Aku juga rasa" keseringan beli makeup gara" laper mata tapii gak kepake".. :(
    Mesti ikut nih kayanya yang kaya ginii.. hihii


    1. ah sama bangeet. :(

      yuk ikutan, rame-rame biar semangat. haha.

  5. I love this idea! I really need to do this, but it's soo hard! LOL

    Southern Glamourista

    1. it's truly hard. LOL

      thank you for your visit. :D

  6. pengen ikut >.< dah bokek ni kebanyakan beli make up.. hehehehe.. good idea.. btw salam kenal ya, aki hana dari beauty-chica.blogspot.com

    1. halo hana. iya nih, aku jg bangkrut sering beli tp sbnrnya ga gt kepake. hehehe.


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