REVIEW: E.L.F 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 edition

hello, how are you guys doing? i hope you guys are doing good.

Today i'm in the mood of making a review post. this is the first review post ever. yeay! so excited.

i'm choosing the E.L.F. 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 limited edition. i got this from August (it's too late, it's already summer, but i don't care. haha).

so here we go...

E.LF 100 eyeshadows palette spring 2012 limited edition

here is the swatches: i shorted it per column from left to right, from up to bottom.
unfortunately in column 10, row 8, the color was break into pieces. i got it like that from the first time i got it from the online shopping where i ordered it. sigh. =(

column 1

column 2

column 3

column 4

column 5

column 6

column 7

column 8

column 9

column 10 (i missed the 8th row because it is ruined)

what i honestly thought about this product:
-quite affordable. around $23 for 100 eyeshadows. (it will much cheaper if you buy it from their website HERE)
- the pastel colors. most of the colors are wearable for everyday use.
-quite pigmented for some colors. it will be better if you use a primer.

don't like:
-chalky. there are so many drop outs while i'm applying it.
-the case isn't sturdy
-there are more shimmery colors that matte colors (i prefer matte ones. personal interest though)

will i repurchase: of course not. i have other palettes and anyway, it's limited edition just for this year. even if i want to, i can't.

that's my first review. what do you think? you can comment below so i can improve the way i'm making post. you opinions are so valuable for. hehe.

okay then, see you around on my next post. teehee..

               with love,


  1. The greens are beautiful! I've never tried ELF shadows though. I stick to my 88 palette. :D

  2. i do have the 88 palette, but the "warm colors" one. so for other colors, i use this. but anyway, this is also my first time i use ELF shadows. haha.


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