Review: TEA TREE SERIES "The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion"

Being born with acne prone and oily skin made my life just...complicated. :(

i couldn't use anything i want (skincare wise) because it will breakout my skin even more. that's why i stick to skincare products made from tea tree. somehow, tea tree works well with acne prone and oily skin because it will kill bacteria and germs?? i don't know, that's just what i have heard.

so from now on, i will make 'TEA TREE SERIES" review, mainly talking about my skincare products that are made from tea tree to break me free from my acnes and oily skin .

for the first volume (errr, feels like a book.LOL), i will review my The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
The Body Shop "tea tree blemish fade night lotion"

why The Body Shop and not any other brand? well, since my skin is so sensitive, i prefer The Body Shop that uses no chemical ingredients.

About the product:
TBS Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion is suitable for blemished skin and it can help improve the appearance of blemish-damaged skin.

it came with hard tube with a pump.

Around US$17 or exactly IDR 169.000

Here is my honest opinion about the product:
1. the cream absorbs really quickly and not sticky. i like it, because i'm using it right before i'm going to sleep, most of night creams are really sticky and it really disturbs me because i couldn't go straight to sleep while using it if i don't wanna messed up my pillow. duh..
pump it once *gosh, i get tanned really bad

blend it once and it absorbs really quickly

2.i love the fact that it uses pump because i don't have to use my finger to take the product from the tube. that's just ewww. LOL. and after all, i can control the amount taken better if it uses pump.
the pump *me likey products with pump

3. it works quite well, after using it at night, i feel that some of my acnes dried in the morning.

4. really easy to find in Indonesia, available for almost The Body Shop counters all over Indonesia.

1. maybe it's quite pricey for a 30ml product.
2. because it's using a hard tube, i couldn't figure out how much the product left.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Will i repurchase: maybe. well, i need to.

so, do you ever try out The Body Shop tea tree line before? what do you think? what's your favorite skincare brand anyway?

Let me know below, and i will talk to you guys later. Teehee

           with love,
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  1. Great blog. I found you through BBU Blog Hop. Please follow back.

    1. thank you for visiting. already following you back. :D

  2. Hay fab post. Im a new follower, maybe you could follow me back?

    1. thank you for visiting. already following you back.

  3. hai priska,
    sebenrnya mah aku suka sama produk2 bodyshop tapi harganya nggak lucu :')
    di solo banyak yang alami gitu dan harganya ga sampe segitu..
    tea tree juga beli yang masih pure terus diencerin dikit :')

    btw udah nyoba facial washnya? ngeringin ga sih?

    1. hi :)

      harganya emang ga nyantai sih. tp yg available dan lumayan ampuh ya itu. slalu kere habis ke body shop. T___T

      dulu udah pernah nyoba, ngeringin gmn maksudnya dear? kulit kita sih ga jadi kering, kalo jerawat yang udh kebuka jadi kering, yang baru numbuh engga sih. hehe


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