Review: Tea Tree Series - The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

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Hello guys, i think it's been a while since my last real post. I'm totally busy with my "last week" in my current workplace. i'll move out by the end of this week. and i'm quite sad leaving all those people that i really bonded to. :(

so i want to continue about my Tea Tree Series, and the product that i will review is "The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil"

TBS Tea Tree Oil

About the products:
-drying up the acnes, killing bacterias (applied before using moisturizer or night cream)

- US$ 9 or roughly Rp 89.000 for 10ml

-hard bottle

What i thought about the product:
1. absorb really quickly on to my skin
2. the packaging is really sturdy
3. help on lessening the redness because of acnes.

1. Pricey (US$ 9 for only 10ml)
2. It doesn't really give any effect of drying up the acnes

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: i actually did, because i used it as the replacement of serum. stupid move. But do i recommend this product? not really, if you are expecting that this product will dried up the acnes.

That's all. i hope this post is useful for any of you (who knows. LOL)

see ya on my next post. Teehee

             with love,
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  1. Oh well, I've tried this before. And prior to using this oil, my chin was technically acne-free, but after using, I had this onslaught of acne popping up on a really regular basis right on my chin-area. Kinda weird that I'm one of the few percentage who had such a bad reaction to this :/ And the bad part? Everyone was raving on and on about how good it is, but apparently, T3 oil hates me D;

    1. hello...

      well, it seems that we are in the same side. i also don't think that tea tree works well for me. as for me, it doesn't help to reduce the acne, but it doesn't make the acne worsen either.

      maybe it's because i have allergies so some products just don't go well with my skin. do you have allergy?


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