REVIEW: Urban Decay NAKED VS NYX nude on nude

how are you guys doing? hope you guys having a great one, cause mine is bad. :(

now now, forget about the bad day. maybe if you have read my previous post, i've already told you guys that i'll make a review of my newest palette, NAKED palette by Urban Decay.

Then think again, instead of only reviewing only this one, why don't I compare it with my first palette ever, NYX nude on nude. it will be more interesting to have these two in a war. LOL

Truthfully, NYX nude on nude is my favorite palette ever before i bought NAKED and i used it million times. it travels a lot with me and being abused by me like zillion times. :D

At first, i bought NYX nude on nude because I want to have NAKED but at that time it's really impossible for me to buy NAKED and i found NYX nude on nude and i think it's quite similar with NAKED.

now, i really want to compare both. As for NAKED, i already tried it this morning before i'm going to office and i think wearing it once is enough to make a review because i've been through hell today and the shadows went to hell along with me. after being in hell, the shadows is eligible enough to be review, right? LOL

Enough with blabbering, here is the swatches between these two and comparisons about them.
swatches fr left-right: virgin-sin-naked-sidecar-buck-half baked-smog-darkhorse-toasted-hustle-creep-gunmetal
swatches are respectively from left to right,  from first row to second row

NAKED has a bigger size than NYX, but NYX has two stories (the below one is for lip colors)

NAKED has 12 shades and NYX has 20 shades. however, the size for each shade in NAKED is bigger.

NAKED's packaging made from velvet and really light. it has a small mirror in it.
NYX nude on nude packaging made from plastic and quite heavy. it has a wide mirror in it.

NAKED palette costs me around $70, and NYX nude on nude around $30
Do the math, NYX nude on nude x 2 = NAKED. AMAZING!

Other things included:
NAKED gives small size of UD primer potion
NYX nude on nude gives 10 colors of lip balm

Now, here are what i like and don't like about each product:

-both are really pigmented. like super pigmented. i don't even need to use primer and yet the colors still pop out.
-really love the shades. there is no single shade that i don't like from both of them.
-as for NAKED, i really love the packaging. light and classy.
-as for NYX, i love that i got so many choices of lip balms, so i can bring this palette anywhere and make couple looks without bringing any lip colors.
-as for NAKED, i really like the eyeshadow brush that i get. it has a good quality.

-both are PRICEY. i abused my bank account a lot since i'm hooked into make up. sigh
-as for NYX, the colors are quite chalky. but not as chalky as ELF.
-i don't like the packaging of NYX. it's quite heavy.

that's all about the review of NAKED VS NYX nude on nude. which one i like better? let's see...screw that. i love both of them. tokens of my heart. love you guys. *smooch

so how about you? which one do prefer? or what is your favorite palette? let me now below and i'll talk to you guys late. teehee.

              with love,
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  1. Amazing blog dear¡ Sincerely I'm very simple at making up but it's very interesting your post^^ I'm a new fashion blogger so check my blog and if you want we could follow each others,I'm following you.Kisses sweetie

  2. i believe these two are very similar just like what your post said. but hey can i ask, do you think there is a need to buy urban decay's naked if you have nyx nude on nude already? :)

    1. actually there is no need to buy both. one is more than enough.

      as for nyx, i'm planning on giving it to my relative who needs it. both will be used then. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Those are pretty the urban decay naked palette..wish to get it soon...

    1. indeed. it's time to saving more than. hehe.

      hope yourwish comes true :)

  5. hahahah, okayyyy let's try the nude on nude first :D

    which one do u like??

    1. good decision. :D

      i think Naked, because it's lighter and i travel alot. much easier to bring along.

  6. I just love naked for the packaging plus I never had an Urban Decay before. So I'm still saving to get to the naked palette!! hihi..
    Tapi liat si NYX yg super pigmented gitu jadi tergoda jugaa.. Hadu"..

    1. wkt itu beli nyx jg karena tergoda, makin ketunda deh beli naked. hihi.

      ini jg urban decay yg pertama. totally love the packaging. even compared to naked 2

  7. Mirip yah warnanya..

    I love naked ^^ everlasting eyeshadow.
    Anw udh ak follow back ya. Met kenal :)

  8. Hello Priska! nice to meet you :D
    i have both palletes and i have to say that i love UD Naked moreeeeeeeee. lol and i don't know but i fell in love with the classy packaging and it's simplicity, as for the nyx, i think it's quite bulky :/

    1. hello nita :D

      totally agree with you. nyx packaging is a downturn for me. too bad.

  9. Love your blog! Following you now. thanks for following me. Lovelovelove my Naked2 palette and can't wait to review it next week on my blog.

  10. Cute blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, I am now following you.

    XOXO Tiffany

  11. Awesome review ! I have heard great reviews about the Nude on Nude but much like you I am trying to hold back on putting a hole in my bank account because of my obsession with make up xD thanks for dropping by my blog ! I am following :)



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