Eargasm: "1,2,3,4" by Lee Hi

Yeah, I'm back with eargasm. yohooo.

In these past months, i'm totally always listening to this song, "1,2,3,4" by the monster rookie in kpop, Lee Hi (runner up of Kpopstar TV show, currently signing with YG), composed by one of my favorite dancer Lydia Paek.

The song is so soulful and i really like the way she sings the song. she got a perfect song to enhance her voice.

basically the song tells about a girl who already got enough with her boyfriend. totally love the song, the makeup she wears in the MV, but i don't really like the story line of the MV.

With no further do, check out her MV, "1,2,3,4". Till the next post. teehee.

               with love,
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  1. Helloo! I reeally really love your blog! I've followed yours and I hope you can check out mine too! I also blog about k-pop as well as the usual pop and books. Also, you don't have a button but I would really appreciate it if you could put my button on yours.
    - Laura

    1. wow. thank you for visiting. will follow your blog back. ;)

  2. Agreed. The voice is good, the song is good. Heck, she can do sultry, sexy and cute. But somehow I find the MV a little off, she doesn't happen to be a good dancer is she? Cos some parts where she was supposed to be dancing, she looks a little too "stiff" and doubtful :/

    Pu Niao

    Chopsticks (http://sexybluemame.blogspot.sg/)
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    1. but she's doing well with her latest mv, "it's over". she looked less awkward there. hha


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