Many Things Happened (What happened in two months)

Oh God, it’s already December. How time goes that fast. I’ve been not writing like for 2 months. Surely many things happened through those months.

First, I’ve moved to another city because of my work. And…I lost my Macbook Air in the first week there. ARGH!!! Remembering that moment makes me angry again. That’s just crazy. I lost it at my office while I’m having lunch for about 30 minutes at the canteen of my office. I’m not being away for that long and I lost it already. I’m definitely sure that the thief already eyeing my laptop from the first time I got to that office. Imagine, there are 4 laptops in the room, and the room only has 1 door, and my laptop is the furthest from the door. Yet, the thief still took my laptop and only my laptop. Geez. I’m totally pissed off by telling this story again. L
More or less, the office does nothing about this problem. They said that this is the first time that there is a theft in the office. Booo..that’s not an answer. Do something!
And now, I’m a “no laptop” person. Fortunately, my sister has her old laptop and lends it to me. Gosh, I hate lend things from other people.

Secondly, I got a chance to attend my fave band concert, which is Bigbang after waiting for more than 3-4 months after I got the ticket.The line just crazy!! I came around 8am and the line was already crowded. things just got chaos around 10/11am and i gave up on queueing. i just hang around near the concert hall and get into the venue exactly when the concert about to start. i got standing ticket, so it will be not that bad. at least, i can see them directly (the furthest is around 10m).  I have a good time there, watching it with some of my friends that I accidentally met there, dancing and singing along all night long. Lol

Thirdly, I moved again, to another city (not in the city where I lost my laptop) for about two weeks and then I will face evaluation for my work. Well, I must wait about the result whether I pass the program or not in the end of December. Bad news maybe will be good news to me (that’s the hint…)

So I think I will continue posting up again in this blog, about make up things, personal life and also my favorite posts, eargasm. Btw, I’m still doing the My 10 Pan Project. Haha. Haven’t bought any makeup products for around 4-5 months.  Till the next post.  Teehee

P.S: anyone who lives in Indonesia, do you know any good skin doctor? My acnes just got worsen. L

          with love,

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