Eargasm: "Miss Right" by Teen Top

Yeah, it's eargasm again. wohooo.

So my latest eargasm is from another Kpop Group, Teen Top, which btw i will see them tomorrow. oh yeah!

Miss Right is their latest song and the title isn't really the right translation of the korean title 긴-­생머리-­그녀 which translated "she, with a long straight hair", yeah THE MYSTERY OF KOREAN ENGLISH!!!

i really like the melody and the concept. but the MV just weird. the lyrics is the typical bunch of men loves just one girl (totally kpop world. they just can't get one girl for each person).

as for the dance, i totally love it. i always have a thing with teen top dances. the "shake" dance becomes really popular lately. maybe will beat harlem shake? hmm, we'll see.

so with no further a do, check out Teen Top "Miss Right" MV below. until the next post. teehee

PS: actually there's the dance version MV. it's much better than the original version, in my opinion though.

            with love,
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