Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Color (Part 1)

Hello... Wow, it's been months from my last posts and i'm back to save the world! Haha.

Finally, i'm back with blogging world and i want to post about my new fave lip color, which is maybelline colorsensational lip color.

this line just got into my country in these past few months and i couldn't afford to try one. yeah, it means, i failed my Project 10 Pan!! Aha.

so there are 24 shades with 1 limited edition that are available in Indonesia, and i bought "some" of them. Haha! I'm totally broke!

I have 15 of them (include the limited edition) and i don't think i will buy again because the remaining shades are not suit for me.

Now i just want to review 2 of them which is coral crush and peachy scene
coral crush
peachy scene

left-right: peachy scene, coral crush

What i like:
-very pigmented!
-lasted for a quite long time, for maybe 3-4 hours if you are not eating. when you drink, it's still there. love that!
-no annoying scent!
-quite affordable price for that kind of quality (around $6.9 - $7.2)
-the packaging. i just love the design of the packaging, personal preference though.

What i didn't like.
-the lipstick can dropped from the packaging by itself! that's just argh! it happened with my hooked in pink one.

Will i repurchase: actually yes if it comes with more colors (different from whats available right now). i don't have any crush on remaining shades. sigh.

Will review about the remaining shades soon. until the next post. teehee.

             with love,

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  1. wow you sure do have a lot of these can't wait to see the rest of these in your post's. Coral Crush looks beautiful

    I found you via the blog hop :)


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